Saturday, April 18, 2015

the metro

en-route to re-stock new york city mobiles made exclusively for michele varian. a very limited edition  will be arriving this week! :
 w metro card, anthora, empire state, red apple pigeon and pretzel. reserve yours now, they go fast!
did you know l.a. has a metro too?
this hand-stitched recycled rubber coin pouch was made for me by frips / ria bauwens from belgium! (perfect for holding my tix:) thanks for the package ria!!!!!!
we're taking the metro to union station downtown
union station has beautifully patterned old floors from the 1930's
cross to olvera street (birthplace of los angeles). my 2 favorite little guys, sid + his buddy oliver throw  pennies
no shortage of toys and color for kids of all ages.
we drink fresh mango and cups filled with fruit: watermelon, pineapple, mango, jicima and spiced w tamarind + lime
 the blessing of the animals mural is the sweetest
  dizzying cross walk at the end of olvera street into china town on broadway
 plenty of red fingernails for your backscratch fever!
 lunch at (koji taco truck king) roi choi's chego 
 ice cream cones for all at scoops !
back home now watering my little chinatown bonsai and i keep hearing a clicking sound...the ticking is driving me crazy...and then i remembered there are mexican jumping beans still in my bag!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

primal astrology

a  zodiac animal family custom mobile based on primal astrology = what's your animal?
 and the best thing ever: this adorable customer appreciation pic of the honeybadger and centipede...

Monday, March 30, 2015

local girls

taken from my sister nancy's bookshelf...looks like a great book! .... here's the other (live) version:
 fun w britt castellano and genesis duncan
this week-end, i took a roadtrip from l.a. to roseville (near sacramento)
 a 7 hour drive solo, pedal to the metal and made it just in time for west elm roseville's local launch party
packed my bag and forgot a comb (but hey,did you know meh hair is cool?!)
sooo proud to have been chosen by this beautiful store to carry three handmade mobiles: succulents, arrows and twig
also got to hang out with the brilliant and adorable sacto local artist ryan morris
ryan designs these awesome cards
and  genesis of graphicanthology makes these sweet cards and prints + she's wow! pretty and nice too.
i really wanted to take home a few strands of beaded tassels to hang above my bed at home ..but i already have the ceiling filled with twig mobiles (dilemma :)
if you're anywhere near sacramento, be sure to stop in nearby roseville and visit west elm, it's well worth the drive and say hello to jenny jun (lead home stylist)!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

lucky clover

lucky animals custom mobile for a brand new, beautiful baby girl (born in los angeles:) named marlowe
happy st. patrick's day!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

tattoo love + new juju

a custom order of mini folk for a sweet little family of 3 in portland.
je t'aime la tatouage!
for a whole year, i've been wanting to buy an african juju hat (like this beauty from bethcarina) to hang in our home...
then i saw this image on kickan & conkers and fell in love with these pillows by atswimtwobirds
there are some gorgeous jewel tone ones just in and available now at uguisu shop...go see!!

Friday, March 13, 2015

super girl

this week has been a whirlwind and a pipe dream come true. we met at cindy's in eagle rock.  my dearest friend from australia, 
it's true, we've never met in person before but have sooo much in common..
 our two sidneys 
next day, we hit the rosebowl flea in pasadena. sas is way taller than i thought :)
it's the best flea market in the world, one for the bucket list!
 sas  "in apron heaven!"
this freaky l.s.d-emon doll =  for a good laugh
by 1:00, the heat kicked in and had affected our brains
saskia and family are now following route 66 across the u.s.a(on instagram here) and i just packed up and shipped off 33 mobiles!! (for the west elm pop-up shows in roseville and mill valley stores at the end of the month). i'll be heading up north soon, hope to meet you there! 
listening to: super girl